Theme and Aims

Theme: History and Political Critique:

The end of criticality has been declared more than once in the architectural discourse of the late 20th C. This regards both: Architectural Practice and the Critique of Architecture itself. More recently the status of criticality has been restored after the era proclaimed post-critical has passed its peak. Criticality has increasingly turned into a medium of resistance set against an economic system of unified standards in the architecture world globally. Focussing on history and political critique of architecture today means therefore to seek anew for a contemporary relation of architectural theory to practice, and of architectural practice to the real (or realpolitik).

Aims of research group:

With the emphasis on history and political critique, the research group Berlin-Milano aims to contribute a specific perspective to the revitalisation of criticality in architecture. The widespread myth that architecture is inevitably political does not keep us from questioning if and how architecture‘s critical-political scope was dealt with historically and why and how this scope ought not to stay on the verge of the architectural discourse today.